The ARGear Console:
An all-in one stop to
manage your app contents
and analyze user data

The ARGear Console is designed to support the
daily management of your AR content.
It provides a user-friendly interface that
allow developers, even with limited expertise,
to curate their own content daily from a rich
archive of AR contents.
Use the console dashboard to easily see the most important metrics of your user data. Data about your project including the number of active users, content usage, network usage, popular contents is summarized.
Content Curation
Use the console contents shop to choose the AR contents that best fits your project. From stickers to avatar skins, you can curate from thousands of fun contents that are updated frequently.
App Management
Use the console content management to create content categories and choose which contents show in your app. The console’s project overview lets you toggle the availability of ARGear’s features in your app.
The ARGear Console currently works with iOS, Android, and Unity. It also supports ARCore and ARKit. We are working to add more platforms and will release browser compatibility in the near future.

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